The automaker intends to take advantage of model year changes to simplify its vehicle offerings. The soon-to-be-released 2008 Mustang V-6 deluxe will only be available in 200 buildable combinations. "We're actually going through and looking at how we bundle and package options to make it simpler for our dealers and our customers," said Ford's Jim Cain.

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Passenger seats on the '64 were fixed, or in other words not meant to adjust or slide backwards and forward. The 1965 model had adjustable passenger seats.

The birth of the Ford Mustang also saw the birth of the phrase 'pony car' which is a term used to describe an American car that is both sporty and affordable. Most Pony cars are epitomized by their inexpensiveness, small compact size and over powered engines.

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In 1979 the third generation of Mustang was introduced relying heavily on the Japanese market for its design. The car was designed to be more accommodating to 4-passengers, the trunk size was increased and the engine bay was enlarged to make maintenance easier.

One of the greatest productions of the Ford is the F-series. F-series are set of full-size pick up trucks. These trucks are in the market for over five decades. These make half of the company's profit in recent years. The popular one in this is the Ford F150. F150 was introduced in the year 1975. F-series was awarded the best selling truck in America, the next year. F150 was the best selling vehicle for 23 years and has been the best selling truck for 31 years. The major redesigning of this model was done in the year 1997. Since then, this model is redesigned when needed to accomplish the needs of the customers.

I love the slick shifting six-speed manual transmission. The shifter is positive sliding into gates and has short throws. The clutch has a very progressive engagement so it is easy to pull away from a stop light smoothly, but with 420 horsepower on board, you can take full advantage of the traction and stability control systems if you let the clutch out too quickly while stomping on the gas pedal.