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Valgarde/Wyrmksull Village/Baleheim/Nifflevar/Utgarde CatacombsRediger

Oppdrag:Hell Has Frozen Over...

- to Clutches of Evil

After Rescuing the Rescuers Oppdrag:The Human League

- to The Explorers' League Outpost

After Rescuing the Rescuers Oppdrag:The Path to Payback

After Rescuing the Rescuers Oppdrag:Into the World of Spirits

After Rescuing the Rescuers Oppdrag:The Shining Light

After Rescuing the Rescuers Oppdrag:Fresh Legs

Explorers' League Outpost/Baelgun's Excavation Site/Ivald's RuinRediger

Oppdrag:The Explorers' League Outpost

- to Clutches of Evil

Oppdrag:Trust is Earned


Oppdrag:The Dead Rise!

Oppdrag:Feeding the Survivors

After Street "Cred" Oppdrag:Forgotten Treasure

After Forgotten Treasure Oppdrag:Gambling Debt

Oppdrag:Swabbin' Soap

Westguard Keep/Skorn/Gjalerbron/Ember ClutchRediger

Oppdrag:The Clutches of Evil

After completing Two Wrongs... Oppdrag:Danger! Explosives!

- to My Daughter

Oppdrag:Stop the Ascension!

After All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn! Oppdrag:Dealing With Gjalerbron

Oppdrag:Gjalerbron Attack Plans

Steel Gate/Chillmere CoastRediger

Oppdrag:See to the Operations

Oppdrag:And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad!

Oppdrag:The Cleansing

Fort WildervarRediger

After All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn! Oppdrag:Everything Must Be Ready

Oppdrag:I'll Try Anything!

After I'll Try Anything! Oppdrag:March of the Giants

After I'll Try Anything! Oppdrag:The Book of Runes

Frozen GladeRediger

Oppdrag:Spirits of the Ice

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