Oppgjør mellom Sabellian og Goc

Gronn Goc er en av sønnene til Gruul og herre over Bladespire ogrene.

Involvert i: Quest: Showdown

Sitater Rediger

Goc yells: "Who dares rouse Goc from his restful slumber?"

Baron Sablemane yells: "It's only right that you know the name of the one who will take your life."

Goc yells: "Your name is as insignificant to me as the names of the thousands who have died under the might of Goc."

Baron Sablemane yells: "Baron Sablemane. It will be on your lips as you gasp your final breath."

Baron Sablemane yells: "Let us begin."

(The battle begins)

Baron Sablemane yells: "Your father destroyed my children and left their bodies impaled upon the rocky blades at Dragons' End. For this, you will die! Enough of this farce. Prepare to face my full wrath!"

Baron Sablemane begins emmanating immense power.

(Baron Sablemane transforms into Sabellian and proceeds to kill Goc)