Eitrigg er en level 20 quest giver lokalisert i Grommash Hold i Valley of Wisdom, i den orkiske byen Orgrimmar.

Se Liste over Orgrimmar NPC.

Historie Rediger

Eitrigg er en eldrende ork kriger som tjente med stort mot under Første og Andre Krig. Etter at sanheten om Gul'dan's forræderi og hans avtale med Kil'jaeden ble kjent, flyktet Eitrigg til villmarken i Lordaeron. Han ble oppdaget ved et ødelagt tårn av paladin Tirion Fordring. Først så de på hverandre som ikke annet enn fiender, men Eitrigg endte opp med å redde Tirion's liv ved å redde ham ut av tårnet da det kollapset under kampen deres. Fra den tid følte Tirion at han sto i gjeld til orken. Men dette var ikke nok til å hindre at Eitrigg ble fanget. Det er garantert at han ville ha dødd i Stratholme, men takket være redningen fra Tirion og Horden, ble han reddet.


Tirion Fordring og Eitrigg på koveret til Chris Metzen's e-book 'Of Blood and Honor'

Etter møtet med Warchief Thrall, fant Eitrigg ut at hans folk hadde gjenopptatt sine shamanistiske røtter, og returnerte til livet blandt sin egen art. Han tjener for øyeblikket Horde som rådgiver, og kan bli funnet i Thrall's tron room i Orgrimmar.

Sitater Rediger

"Do you think my people survived in your world this long using brute strength alone? Your kind has always underestimated mine. That is why you lost the first war, I think."

"You have great honor, for a human. That much was clear from our fight. No honorable warrior deserves to die like a trapped animal. It would not have been right to simply leave you there. Besides, I have seen enough death in my time."

"There is much you do not know about my people. Their honor and their pride left them long ago. I decided my duty to them was finished when my sons were killed."

"All orcs are warriors, human. We know little else. Despite my sons' strength and prowess, they were betrayed by their own leaders. During the last war our clan chieftains fought amongst themselves over petty rivalries. As one particularly bloody battle concluded, my sons were ordered to pull back from the front lines. One of our chieftain's rivals, hoping to advance his clan's standing within the Horde, countermanded the order and sent my sons and their brethren back to be slaughtered. It was a dark day for our clan... A dark day for me. I realized then that there was no hope. Corruption and enmity had completely overshadowed my people's spirit. I felt that it was only a matter of time before the Horde devoured itself from within."

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