• Zizanzu


    jan 18., 2009 av Zizanzu

    Vaneras har kommet opp med en avstemmning du burde se nærmere på her: [1]

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  • Zizanzu

    Our friend and owner of the very useful, Wuushu, has recently finished a site dedicated for blues, named

    While there are several "blue trackers" out there, WoWBlues quickly became the favourite of many fansite webmasters, bloggers, news editors and the regular WoW-fans that had heard of it. We are very excited that Wuushu decided to make a version for all the Blizzard fans that also like other games by the boys in blue.

    We'll naturally keep an eye on anything interesting popping up, but if you want to have first hand info from the blue posts on WoW or forums, check out!

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